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Adventure of Amusement

By Bobfish20-06-2013

Some new screenshots have turned up for the upcoming Theme park World remake...okay, Adventure Park isn't really a remake, but it sure feels like one. In all the good ways though. Though it's oddly lacking in colour, for the moment at least, the game is showing the signs of being everything I miss from my heady PlayStation days. All we're missing is a sassy, conspiratorial Scots voice whispering about stealing. Not that I'm implying there's anything here that 'borrows' from anything. No, of course not. See, a good artist borrows.

A great artist steals and makes better. Will this be better? That remains to be seen. But what we can see so far is certainly pointing in that direction. Check out the gallery below and judge for yourself. We'll update you with gameplay as soon as it becomes available. Until then, start naming your death defying super twisters in the comments below. My first will be the Pixel Judgment.

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Posts: 3290

But this allows you to pay money to BE the giant corporation

Posts: 1317

To be more specific; I love PAYING MONEY for the PRIVILEGE of being oppressed by giant corporations.

Posts: 1317

It looks good and all, but does it have restrictive always-online DRM? No, bleh. No thanks, I'll stick with SimCity's upcoming DLC in that case. I love being oppressed by giant corporations.

Posts: 127

Tycoonish enough, I like the looks of it :-)