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Advanced Warfare Has Launched...A Trailer

By zethalee21-10-2014

It seems as though the definition of a "gameplay launch trailer" gets fuzzier and fuzzier every year. With the next instalment of their juggernaut of a main series set to be released in two weeks' time, Activision has pushed a "gameplay launch" trailer, utterly devoid of any gameplay, aside from two seconds worth. But hey, if you like the sound of Kevin Spacey's voice, and an unidentified rock track, well, here's something to enjoy.

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Posts: 39

It looks nice, but then again, so did the promotional trailers for the original FFXIV. I am...hesitant, to say the least.

Posts: 3290

Do not try to bend the voice actor, that would be impossible. Only try to realise the truth. There IS no voice actor D:

Posts: 23

It's Troy Baker.

Posts: 81

Is that Keanu Reeves?

Posts: 23

Maybe those scenes are ingame cutscenes. And thaT's pretty much the gameplay of COD.