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Advanced Warfare Ascends in Next DLC

By zethalee01-04-2015

By all rights, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was a fine game, with enough innovation and new mechanics to make stepping back into the series after a few years away worth your time. With any modern shooter entry however, comes a season pass, full of DLC, if that's your thing. The latest pack for Advanced Warfare introduces four new maps, new mechanics, and another instalment of Exo Zombies.

Two of the four new maps have some sort of scorestreak-enabled pickup, such as a microwave emitter turret in Chop Shop, or an exo-enhancing alien pod in Site 244. Climate has a water purifier that turns the floor into a poisonous soup, killing you through despite your exo suit, and Perplex has you fighting over a five-story apartment complex in Sydney. Two new weapons are also appearing, along with the addition of the "grapple playlist," which gives every player the grappling hook from the campaign for use on the DLC maps only, as if jump jets and boosters wasn't enough.

The other new addition is the next instalment of Exo Zombies, this time developed by High Moon Studios, makers of the modern Transformers games. With it comes the four players defending a burger joint from a whole host of new zombies, including a heavily armored, riot-shield toting zombie that will require all four players to focus their attention to take him down.

Sections of the map will become too toxic to traverse as rounds progress, and players will have to escort civilians to a waiting rescue chopper, with a weapon upgrade if you succeed, and resupply stations being locked down for a period of time if you fail. The season pass runs you 49.99 USD, and the single pack price will most likely be 14.99 USD, with the DLC set to drop on March 31st for Xbox platforms, and everyone else getting it on April 30th.

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