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Advanced MetroX

By NeonAnderson26-05-2013

Someone called Zogrim on YouTube made a neat video showing the differences between Nvidia PhysX on and off on Metro: Last Light. Check inside for more details and the awesome video.

This was shared by Nvidia on their official Facebook page and the video above shows some of the neat differences in Metro: Last Light when you enable Advanced PhysX (powered by Nvidia). For those unaware as to what PhysX is, it is a simulation technology currently in the hands of Nvidia whom is also always developing it further and making it more advanced. This technology is only usable on Nvidia cards though, so those with an AMD card will have to miss out on these features in Metro: Last Light.

So yeah, check out the video and be wow-ed by the awesome graphics in Metro: Last Light, which only become even more awesome when Advanced PhysX is turned on!

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Posts: 596

It will be cool when all PhysX effects are as good as when the guy unveils the car using the pre-rendered cloth :P

Posts: 267

Cloth movement with the car and on moving train wasn't dynamic - it was pre-animated (mentioned in the video). Thus it looked the same with Advanced PhysX off.

Posts: 1317

Yeah I myself was very impressed by how the cloth moved when that dude unveiled the railcar. Other than that though, the cloth movement was only "okay". Especially that stuff hanging in the doors and stuff, it didn't always move very realistically. It's still only nitpicking though. I definitely did notice the sparkle effects when people were soldering metal and stuff. Pretty cool effect, it added to the atmosphere.

Posts: 3290

I actually didn't see any difference with the sheet. Maybe I'm just blind *shrug*

Or maybe because I didn't maximise the video

Posts: 1548

Also the cloth physics. Especially when the guy unveils the car.

Posts: 3290

Those fogs effects towards the end were absolutely incredible. The rest of it was good, but dayum, dat fog!