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Activision Does Better Q3

By acharris7707-11-2013

Activision, who were rumoured to be facing financial uncertainty, earned $691 million net revenue in Q3 of 2013. Even though this is down from the $841 million it earned in the same period of 2012, this quarter was higher than the company expectation of $635 million, the games company reported.

Activision claim this rise is due to the sales of Skylanders: Giants and everybody's favourite cash cow series, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Throw in the no. 1 MMO World of Warcraft, which has 7.6 million subscribers and the company is doing quite well. Activision has a debt of $4.75 billion however, which followed from the buyout of its own stock from former parent company, Vivendi.

The deal, which was worth $8.2 billion, was supposed to be completed by Q3, which ends 30th September. Due to a hold up in court, it did not go through until October 11th. The $2.5 billion borrowed was on a seven-year secured term loan, taken out on October 11th, and then $5.83 billion spent buying itself back. But Call of Duty: Ghosts released this week, and already sold $1 billion according to retailers. So things are going well indeed it seems, despite the rocky few months.

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