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Activision Blizzard Gets Even Richer

By Vexytube08-02-2013

The publisher Activision Blizzard has announced 2012 was their best year so far, because it had the "best performance in history" with a staggering $4.85 billion dollars in net revenue! Now for actual profit they've reported a net post-tax income of $1.14 billion dollars!

So for those of you who say Diablo 3 and Call of Duty sucks. Clearly they've helped Activision Blizzard generate an insane amount of money, oh and don't forget Skylanders managed to sell $1 billion dollars in lifetime sales already!

Now with the good news about blizzard making stupid amounts of money over, it’s that time already... The next Call of Duty has been slated for 2013 via the latest Activision earnings call. CFO Dennis Durkin said

"The Call of Duty franchise continues to set the bar for innovation, and we expect the new Call of Duty game in development for 2013 to raise that bar even higher."

While he did not specify any other details, it should quite obvious that the next Call of Duty will be released during November. However my main concern is which development studio will be working on it.

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