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Act of Aggression too early to pre order?

By elethio04-07-2015

Just a quick update Jurors - been keeping you up to date on progress with the upcoming RTS Act of Aggression. The latest news to be revealed is that the game is now available for pre-order on Steam with a 15% discount and “a few weeks” of multiplayer beta access before launch. Having a multiplayer beta is a wise move for any company serious about making MP a staple of their game.

Eugen Systems have been informing us on the factions available for the game, releasing trailers of the US Army faction and of the Chimera faction (a kind of high tech UN force) but so far we have yet to see a trailer for their third faction, the Cartel. The Cartel are described as being shady politicians & mercenaries, using expensive high-tech weapons and that they are planning the downfall of the US, other than that not much is known.

One things for sure, you can rely on Pixel Judge to let you know of the latest developments stay tuned for more details.

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