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Achieving Details for the Saints

By Toast02-07-2013

What do you usually get when you go hunting around for achievement listings in games? You tend to find out about what the game will involve you doing, and what the story could be about, well that is what we're learning with saints row 4, so be warned, stop reading now if you don't want to know any further details.

Still here? Ok, well according the achievement list dug up by exophase we find out some interesting details about the events that will unfold in the game, such as revealing that at some point we'll be in a prison again, presumably at the start of the game, possibly being captured by the aliens. It also reveals that we'll be able to obtain super powers in some form of simulation, perhaps something in relation to the cancelled Enter the Dominatrix expansion Saints Row: The Third was to receive. It remains unclear if you lose these super powers once you leave the simulation or if there'll be 2 worlds we'll be transition to from time to time, but time will eventually tell us.

Other than these details we know that you will fight aliens as they enslave the world. What new follow on details have revealed is that you can possibly accept this new world or you can resist it, but it apparently only rewards you for accepting it, unless it means accepting the aliens as your ruler, or you become the ruler of this new virtualised world. On another note only 1 new feature is revealed in the features which are to customise the style of your weapons, which hopefully means further upgrades rather than cosmetic paint jobs.

If you want some more crazy dildo-wielding, super power madness, and all wackiness that the saint's row series has brought us, you can enjoy the 4th entry coming out on the 22nd of august. Who else is excited for more saints?

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