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Achievements for Unannounced Games

By MrJenssen19-03-2013

The rumors seem to just be flying around from everywhere these days! As if it wasn't enough that Halo 3 has gotten two PC-related rumors that have both been denied, hints towards a Castlevania: LoS port have been found in the Steam registry and Mortal Kombat getting a pre-order page set up on Amazon.co.uk (which has since been removed)!

The DSOGaming blog now reports that a multitude of Steam achievements have been found for several as-of-yet not officially announced PC games, including the aforementioned Mortal Kombat.

Deadpool is another console game with leaked Steam achivements. Slated for release sometime in the coming summer, it hasn't gotten a PC-announcement yet. Does that mean that we'll be seeing the joke-cracking mercenary in red spandex hitting the PC sometime in the future as well? If so, why haven't Activision or High Moon Studios said anything about a PC-version already?

Perhaps the most interesting one of the lot is Prey 2, which is a game that's had an almost equally troubled history as its predecessor. Notice that, compared to the other games which all have nice unique graphics for each of their achievements, Prey 2 has the same blue logo with an oddly stretched out padlock over it, for every achievement. Could these be left-overs from the past? Or could this really mean Prey 2 might be making its way to PCs sometime in the not-so-distant future?

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