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Ace Combat, Enhanced with Steamworks

By Toast25-02-2014

Some of you may particularly remember that Ace Combat: Assault Horizon received a PC release, although was blighted with the soon-to-be-dead GFWL which still leaves questions about other games. But, essentially the fantastic news here is that Namco have plucked it from their latest beta release on Steam and now have included Steamworks functionality, which will be enforced by April the 1st.

So, Namco have officially advised customers that are currently playing Assault Horizon to follow these steps which will enable them to be eligible for access to the Steamworks build of the game, and the ability to import their GFWL saves and achievements. So that they can be converted to Steam Cloud saves and of course Steam achievements for all you achievement hunters out there. Whatever tickles your fancy, make sure to convert over your personal saves at the very least to the new Steam version, you have from now to April 1st.

One other nice added benefit is that if you own a retail copy of the game? Pull out the serial and activate the game on Steam. We can only hope all the above features will be applied to the likes of Dark Souls, with the imminent sequel coming, it would be rather fantastic decision.

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It's a well enough looking game, but arcade even beyond HAWX, and that's a hard thing to accomplish.