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AC3 Level Designer Joins 22 Cans

By Mokman01-05-2013

Peter Molyneux is probably one of the most debated-on individuals in the entire gaming industry. Is he a genius, or just a very lucky man? Does he still have the creative spark, or has that long-since been burned out? Is he bad at keeping promises, or just an excitable person? Well, it seems that many of these questions will soon be answered with the release of his Kickstartered project, Godus, under his new development studio, 22 Cans. Godus, planned as the spiritual successor to his insanely famous Populous, has been receiving constant updates, but the most recent one has raised many an eyebrow.

Jamie Stower, a former Ubisoft level design director who was responsible for the level design in Assassins Creed 3, has left Ubisoft and joined 22 Cans as its new Technical Director. In other words, he's helping on the technical side, balancing the game, dealing with complicated design problems that most of us don't really understand. What does this mean for 22 Cans, if it means anything at all? Will Godus be what we all pray that it'll be? Only time will tell. Check out the video above for the latest video update.

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