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A Wretched Update Of Scum And Villainy

By Bobfish10-04-2013

Game update 2.0, titled 'Scum and Villainy' has arrived for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Only...the trailer doesn't show any scum or villainy. It's sixtyish seconds of various character archetypes beating the crap out of some ludicrously huge animal mobs. Perhaps the full update includes more scum and villainy, but, well, if it does, why doesn't the video show that? It mentions 'new operation' and shows what appears to be some kind of troglodyte (that means 'cave dweller' by the way) city, but that's about it. New content it does list, however, include some new abilities and legacy badges, but, again, lacks detail. It feels very much like they were going for a pique the interest kind of thing here and ended up with a seventy second 'wtf did I just watch?' instead. It's just a minute of explosions and lightsaber's flying all over the place...which the game contains already. It doesn't even show much in the way of group action, which this level 55 Operation is supposed to be based around. All in all, a rather disappointing trailer for what is actually a pretty decent piece of end game content.

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