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A World of Noms

By Bobfish23-06-2015

We’ve all heard this before, watch what you do, careful who you kill, your actions have consequences. Well, for a change, I’m going to believe them. After all, DONTNOD have shown a knack for delivering impactful decision making with Life is Strange and Focus…yeah, I’m a huge fanboy. Is it obvious?

Anyway, set on my home turf during the rather nasty Spanish flu epidemic which came right at the end tail end of World War I (because we hadn’t shown how badass enough we were already!) Vampyr looks to be delivering something that the vampire genre has needed for a long, long time. Gives me very much a feeling of Interview with the Vampire meets Eastenders. But without quite so much pretense as the first and, uhm, well, without any of the pretense of the latter actually.

It’s unclear at this stage, but they seem to be hinting at least a faux open world experience. With the obligatory crafting system and, interestingly enough, levelling up your character by nomming on people. Making it quite the double edged sword if they really follow through on the consequence aspect. Kill that dude and make yourself more nails, or let him live and, y’know, do something useful.


There’s no solid release date, or even a clear release window as of yet. But we can expect to get our hands on the game, for PlayStation 4, Xbone and PC, some time the year after next.

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