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A War on Battlefield?

By breadbitten19-11-2013

Unable to play Battlefield 4's multiplayer even though you bought the game for sixty whopping dollars for that express reason? Had your unlocks reset? Servers appear empty? Your house is on fire? Your cat's dangling from a noose? Like anything internet-related these days, anything that can go wrong in the internet that is, it's a fifty-to-one shot that it's because of a DDoS attack. At least that's what DICE are claiming...

"We are being targeted by a DDOS, but working on fixing it asap. Im sorry somebody is ruining your and my day. Rest assured we are doing our best to mitigate the situation though."

Yes folks, some random individual (or group of individuals) have actively sought to segregate a portion of their time to hamper the joys of thousands of players of a videogame for reasons unknown. What is this world coming to?

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