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A Tutorial on Annihilating Planets

By MatthewJMimnaugh25-11-2013

For those not in the know, Planetary Annihilation is an upcoming RTS based in space with armies duking it out on planetoid battlefields.  Reminiscent of old school Total Annihilation, the game takes some memorable and universal RTS concepts like base building and unit upgrading, but then throws in new and interesting elements like the ability to weaponize a freaking moon!

The game is well along in production, Uber Entertainment, the dev, well along in the creation process.  Getting ready for future release, they recently put out a tutorial video explaining the basics of the game.  For the most part, is the bread and butter of the RTS gaming scene, with a couple particulars interspersed here in there; all said, good for someone who has no clue what a commander would do with a Mobile Field Base.  It does, however, give a good tease of the game, with a particularly good lunar impact at the end.  Presently, planetary Annihilation is in beta, though available via Steam Early Access.

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