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A Tongue Sharper Than Steel

By Bobfish15-01-2013

In a rather bizarre, but truly hilarious, browser based fanmod (sort of) we've been treated to a return to Monkey Island. Sort of. More specifically, the sword fighting of Monkey Island. But, well, it's not that simple see? Because, rather than fighting with swords, you are fighting with words. Kinda'. Play progresses by choosing your witty retort from a list at the bottom of the screen. The key being to be as sharply insulting as possible, so as to put off your opponent and win the day. And that's about all she wrote really. I can't quite decide if this is sheer genius, or as vapid as a deckhand after downing a gallon of cider.

Or both.

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Posts: 1548

I remember you had to loose in order to learn new insults.

Posts: 3290

It's pretty funny. And rather challenging

Posts: 1548

Oh I still remember the original insult sword fighting in MI. Had to use a guide to pass it :P