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A Titanic Expedition

By Spellbound13-05-2014

A trailer for the first Titanfall DLC, Titanfall: Expedition, has be revealed, showcasing the three maps it will be adding to the first person shooter. We see pilots vaulting from tree to tree like ninjas in Swampland, titans destroying one another in the industrial battleground of Runoff, and a simulation with an emphasis on pilot mobility in long corridors in War Games. All in all, these maps promise to add versatility to gameplay. They all look beautifully crafted and seem to offer fun and challenging opportunities to outwit your opponent.

If you can’t wait to get your mitts on these maps, well… unfortunately you will, in fact, have to wait. Till June, that is… if you play on the Xbox 360.

Xbox One players and the glorious members of the master race will enjoy this DLC in May.

That is all.

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