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A Super-Secret Space Program From Bioware?

By Toast03-09-2013

It appears so, but what could it be? Well it appears to possibly be a range of things, including more freedom for space battles in Star Wars: The Old Republic. For anyone that hasn't played the game yet, the space battles in the MMO was subject to criticism due to them being very linear in how the ship was controlled and not being able to venture very far, it may all be set to change if this teaser update is anything to go by.

There have apparently also been some leaks from Bioware's binary files about there being new space craft added in for each type of class, Heavy Medium and Light. Although this is yet to be confirmed, but it also seems likely Bioware plans for this to be a big update, why else would they tease it in a video? Although who knows when we'll be hearing more on this, whenever we do, we certainly will be letting you all know first, whether it be later today, or sometime in the future!

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Posts: 3290

It doesn't seem to be actually adding anything besides new ship types. It's still an on rails shooter. Which I don't mind at all, because it reminds me of Afterburner.

Ahh, nostalgia

Posts: 228

Still doesn't adress the fact that Old Republic is WoW in space. As for the space shooting mechanics... I'm still doubtful.