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A Steamy Deployment

By Bobfish05-06-2013

Company of Heroes 2 marched into open Beta yesterday, popping up on Steam game lists everywhere quite out of the blue. Relic, it seems, are far from content to sit on their laurels waiting for us to take notice. They've sent out a crack team of ninja ones and zeros to grab our attention with that most insidious of advertising ploys - free stuff. The stuff being the Beta, the free being, well, it's a Beta and it doesn't cost anything, so yeah.

Lasting for a fortnight (that's two weeks to everyone outside of England) and covering six maps across both cooperative and competitive game modes, with the first forty-five (so could there be a second forty-five?) levels attainable within this short period. Better yet, if you play the Beta, then buy the game within sixty days of the June 25th release, all of your progress will carry across. Now that's a nifty idea. Something more developers should be doing. So what are you waiting for? By the left, quick MARCH...to our comments section, then on to victory!

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Posts: 1548

If just the game itself was cheaper. I dont want to drop 40 quid for SP game as I wont play a lot of MP anyway.

Posts: 351

I like this game, but I do not know if I want it yet or not.

Posts: 228

More companies could do that. It's like an in-yo-face demo.