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A Squall of Expectations UPDATE With Screens

By Bobfish19-05-2013

Final Fantasy VIII, possibly the most polarising (and my personal favourite) entry in the Final Fantasy series has been officially announced for the PC. Which is a little odd for a fourteen year old game, so allow me to elucidate further. It seems this may be a more intricate affair than last year's re-release of Final Fantasy VII, as it appears Square Enix are planning to make some improvements with this version. Specifically the introduction of hi-res textures and, possibly, more content than its console counterpart.

I expect the new content will not be quite so new personally and postulate, rather, that it will contain the sub adventure that many people still think didn't even exist. A Pocketstation (anyone remember that?) adventure called Odakake Chocobo, which, when completed, unlocked an extra Guardian Force in the main game. Regardless, the certain fact is that the game is coming to the PC, properly this time. And it simply cannot happen soon enough as far as I am concerned.

Update: Original source Famitsu, via Babelfish with screens(see below) of the early stages of the game which show work is already underway.

"FFVIII's PC version will be released, followed"FFVII"has found. It's going to be correspondence between graphic high resolution display here, like FFVII international for PCs, Release date and presence of additional features not yet decided."

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Yeah, I also saw Spoony's humorous review. Might consider picking it up, though, as a friend of mine has always assured me that it's really quite good. But I've never been a big fan of the series at all so it could be for the best that I avoid it, lest I end up putting it alongside FFX, XII, and XIII as games I shall endlessly hate forever and ever.

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I saw Spoony's video series on this game too but I still kinda want to play it for myself. It can't be that bad...right?

They've ported 7 and 8 now. Does this mean they'll do 9 as well? 'Cos that would be awesome.

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After watching Spoony's review of FFVIII, I'm convinced that it'd irredeemable.