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A Speech about Linux from Gabe

By Toast17-09-2013

You all should know who Gabe Newell is, well if you don't shame on you! The Valve co-founder was a guest speaker at the recent LinuxCon event yesterday, and of course, we are bound to know about the importance it is for Valve to branch out to different platforms for PC for their titles. Back in February of this year the Linux client became official launching with a few Linux supported games such as Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike: Source, Serious Sam 3: BFE, etc.

Although since then there have been numerous titles that have went open platform with PC, Mac and Linux, in total since yesterday according to Gabe, 198 games on the Steam platform supported Linux based operating systems for use. Essentially, Gabe wanted to get the point across that PC sales are in decline, but the PC gaming market is still growing in demand, and that he believes Linux will be the way forward rather than Windows. As he sees it as a more open and dynamic software to work with, and not to mention with his previous statements of PC bringing the more exciting features to gaming than its console and mobile counterparts.

Some other interesting notes Gabe pointed out were some obvious ones, such as people who upload things to Steam cost more than the average Steam user who only plays games and nothing more such as DOTA 2. Speaking of DOTA 2, every time an update is pushed out for it, for anyone who has the game downloaded, it'll start updating, (obviously) Mr Newell claims that whenever this happens, 2-3% of the world traffic is calculated to be of the users who download the update for the game. Impressive stuff, right? Well, if you want to learn some more facts from the man himself, or if you want to look at his sexy hair and beard, just watch the video above, it isn't perfect, but you'll surely want to watch it if you admire this man.


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The future of gaming is Linux? o.O

Please, PLEASE let this be true!

That means I can't switch to OSX and leave Windows behind completely \o/