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A Signal for More Toy Soldiers

By Toast24-03-2014

Signal Studios, the minds behind Toy Soldiers and Toy Soldiers: Cold War has successfully retrieved their exclusive award winning IP back from Microsoft, which means more creative freedom with the Toy Soldiers IP, and of course more sequels. Speaking on the matter:

“It took a while, but we’re extremely grateful to have received the rights to Toy Soldiers back from Microsoft. This was the studio’s first game, and we’re really proud of it. We’re finally able and very eager to start development on the future of the Toy Soldiers franchise,” Says Signal Studio’s president and creative director, DR Albright III.

Speaking of which, Signal Studios have announced that in addition to Toy Soldiers: Complete, recently being released on Steam that a new sequel is currently in development which will be a fantastic news for people sinking their teeth into the prequels on PC. Details are expected to be released later this year, so we’ll need to keep our eyes peeled in the meantime, but of course there should be enough for us to be tied down with at the moment with the Complete Edition thus far.

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One of the greatest series, evar. Complete edition is still a bit buggy but there has been 3 big patches since it's release. I highly recommend the game to anyone who likes strategy/action, tower defense, or just melting plastic army men with giant lasers :P