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A Realm Re-married

By Bunnysuit10-12-2014

With the patch 2.45 two characters can now get married in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Marriage in the MMO is called "The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding".

There are three varieties of the marriage in available , two of which you have to pay for, with each individual required to pay. The standard plan is free, the gold plan is $20 and platinum $40. The free wedding has predetermined music and decorations, while gold and platinum varieties have more customization and an extended cutscene of the ceremony. The paid options get you a Ceremony Chocobo. Up to 80 guests from any level can attend and will receive wedding gifts.

Characters under any gender or species can get married to each other. LGBT players were so happy to hear about this that they had an in-game pride parade.

If you want to get married partners must first be level 50 then apply through the Final Fantasy XIV Mog Station. The couple gets promise wristlets and go on a quest to retrieve items for their ceremony. They also get to choose the officiants.

More info can be found in the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding website.

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The paying real world money bit...yeah, that I don't like. The rest of it is great, but real money? Shame on you Squeenix