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A Real Life Mirror's Edge

By acharris7715-09-2013

Ampisound, a parkour and freerunning production house that upload urban freestyling videos on their YouTube channel, have produced this Mirror's Edge style POV Video. This has been produced in anticipation of the release of Mirror's Edge 2. Ampisound are hoping this video becomes popular to enable them to release a second video.

The video is a recreation of some of the freestyling moves that Faith Connors pulls off in-game. The POV is similar to the game, even down to the glove that Faith wears. Ampisound even done some editing to make the drainpipes appear in the same red and blue colours that they appear in the game.

I admire the people that can actually do these freestyle moves in real life. The dedication that these guys put into this video is to be commended. A part of the video I particularly like is when the main actor does the slide into the jump, and then goes into the roll. I feel like after watching this video I have learnt new ways how to get out of a house in a hurry. Let us know what part of the video is your favourite below in the comments.

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Dice's sequel would never be this good. Mirror's Edge was incredibly simple, and yet with how Dice/EA operate these days, I'm sure they find that it's "not casual enough" or some shit. It'll end up being a W-fest, with contextuals SPACE-presses here and there.

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I second that

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No combat, I see. Let's just hope the same holds true for the sequel.