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A Re-imagined Geometry Wars Returns to the PC

By zethalee26-11-2014

It's been six years since the release of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 exclusively on the Xbox Live Arcade, and seven years since the release of the original title. A twin-stick arcade shooter where your ship blasts foes to pulse-pounding dance music, it was lauded and loved by many on release, but with the closure of the original studio, Bizarre Creations, in 2011 by Activision, many had written the series off as dead. Yet, with the surprise resurrection of Sierra Entertainment by Activision this year, the team at Lucid Games has brought the series back into the world for us all, fantastic visuals and all.

Looking to feature 50 maps for the single-player experience, there will be ten game modes in total, with five modes new to the game itself, and likely five modes from Retro Evolved 2 returning. Online competitive play, a major request of the last title in the series is making its debut, along with four player local co-operative play as well. Obviously new to the series is the addition of multiple planes, serving as dimensions, that the player with move about in.

The game will be releasing on all current and last generation consoles, along with all home computing systems. Yes, Linux fans too can finally blast away at their least favorite shapes in (purportedly) 1080p and 60 frames per second. The game is available now on Steam for 14.99 USD.

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