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A Prison Visit In Wasteland 2

By JcDent30-08-2013

Wasteland 2 is going to be an old-school sequel to the classic post-nuclear apocalypse RPG Wasteland. It inspired Fallout, you know! And, fittingly enough, it will look like Van Buren, the cancelled Fallout 3 project (I maintain that it would have been a better game than F3). So anyways, let's look at this long gameplay demo.

In this level, the characters are visiting the Prison, where Ranger HQ was situated in the previous game. Now it's has been taken over by Red Scorpion militia, who are running a very shady settlement there.

Things to see in the demo:

-The somewhat weak visuals - hopefully, the price point will reflect on that

-Text! - there's oodles of text that describes the environment (just like in old school RPGs), which is a great thing. Also, characters on screen also talk in speech bubbles. Reminds me of Fallout.

-And the changing conversation tree looks like a cousin to the one in Morrowind. Only this seems to be unique to each character and changes depending on what and when you say. The devs talk about shot and long time impact, which is something we already saw in Witcher and probably some earlier games.

-Skills! Brute force is used to push a cart, animal whispering is used... well, you'll see.

-Combat - could use better animations

-No Morality meter - the world will react to your actions, but not to some abstract gauge.

-Locked choices - you won't be able to see everything on the first playthrough (unlike in Fallout 3).

Hopefully the graphics and sound will improve before release!

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Honestly I am underwhelmed by the visuals but it still looks fun.