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A Pre-Sequel for Borderlands

By acharris7709-04-2014

There is no doubting that the Borderlands universe is popular. There has been the recently announced Tales of Borderlands, an episodic series that is a joint project between Gearbox software and Telltale Games. Now 2K games have revealed that their Australian division is getting together with Gearbox to release Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. This will make fans happy, especially with the last DLC released next week for Borderlands 2.

The game itself will be set at some point in time between Borderlands and Borderlands 2. There will be four new character classes to play as and you will end up fighting alongside Handsome Jack. This is the Jack before he became the tyrant that the fans loved to hate and you play a part in the rise of the Hyperion Corporation. The famous shoot’n’loot gameplay of the series is being kept, but is expanding with low-gravity and oxygen-powered jetpack combat, the icy 'Cryo' elemental damage type, the deadly laser weapon class, and new vehicles to help you explore the lunar landscape.

I bet the one question that you are all wondering about, what are the four new characters classes? Well you probably know them already:

• Athena, the Gladiator: Uses her Kinetic Aspis, which is a shield that can absorb incoming damage, then convert it back into energy to use against enemies. Athena made her debut in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC for the first Borderlands game.

• Wilhelm, the Enforcer: Wilhelm was previously seen in Borderlands 2 as one of the first deadly bosses in the game.

• Nisha, the Lawbringer: The sheriff of Lynchwood from Borderlands 2, Nisha will be dealing out her own brand of justice, which we'll discuss further in the coming months.

• Claptrap, the Fragtrap: Wait - Claptrap? The goofy robot companion from Borderlands 2, now playable for the first time? Fragtrap is his character class? Well, you can play him too!

The setting for the new Borderlands game is on Pandora’s moon. That is pretty much all the information that is available. To keep up-to-date with the latest happenings of the Pre-Sequel you can visit us regularly (well obviously) and 2K games have also launched a new revamped website. Well until we get more information at Pixel Judge, I leave you with these first screenshots to enjoy.

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Posts: 1317

Pretty burnt-out on Borderlands 2. This looks like it'll be identical, except with a few reskinned weapons and enemies. Pretty sure I'll pass.

Posts: 1548

Its not a full sequel (follow up game) is it? Even though BL2 was much better it was still quite repetitive and I have a feeling it will be the same here.