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A Post Apocalyptic Mod for ArmA 3... Without Zeds

By MrJenssen06-02-2014

What is the main attraction with DayZ? is it the scattered, braindead zombies that you clunk down in a single strike with your fire axe? No, of course it isn't. It's the player interaction. The creators of the new 2017 mod for ARMA 3 have taken notice of this, because their own version of the post apocalyptic world, has no room for the undead.
Instead, they've been looking at other PvE elements. They're currently fiddling around with a sanity system, and a sketchy character they call "Sadist". Coming across these sadists is somehow going to affect your sanity, but it's not certain yet exactly how. They've been trying to work in some various bad creatures and mutant type foes, but nothing is set in stone just yet. This is a pre-alpha after all.

The creators also make it clear that the point of the mod isn't to simulate survival, but to simulate horror. An open world horror game, then...? Sounds pretty cool. Oh, and there are naked men too. Naked men with rifles. So there's that! The mod is still fairly early in development, currently in a pre-alpha state, but the video above already shows some clear development going on. Let's wish them best of luck for now. And seriously. If you ever meet a naked man with a rifle... don't talk to him.

On the subject of ArmA, did you know you can fly helicopters? Dslyecxi is here again to show it happening. It is important to remember not to walk out of the helicopter while it is in the air, because then you will die. When you get out of the helicopter, be sure to not look into the ground because enemies can be nearby. Sometimes, you might want to be extracted by helicopter. Remember to not make yourself obviously visible to enemies, because they might not be friendly.

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Note: Turn your headphones down before you click play on that video. Lordy.

This looks pretty cool, I like the idea of a sanity mechanic. It's interesting that there's two games (Well, this one's a mod.) feature naked crazy people running around.