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A Place to Hang Your Robes

By Kathy_McGraw11-03-2014

When an MMO first launches, the subject of player housing always comes up. It is always a hoped for feature and one that many gamers enjoy. Well, Star Wars: The Old Republic fans may now rejoice: BioWare has announced that player housing will be coming to the game soon. How it will be implemented remains a closely guarded secret, but the teaser video for the announcement features an apartment in Coruscant, with a player customization menu and a mailbox. Beyond that, it's anyone's guess how it will be implemented.

My first MMO was one of the first in the genre, Ultima Online. Player housing was a huge feature in that game, and in my opinion, no game has ever come close to the versatility and immersion of player homes since. I'm hoping that SWTOR's housing is functional.

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