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A Perfect Ad

By StuntmanLT20-10-2013

As in a true spirit of Sunday and us only posting some light and fun content I give you – a PS4 ad. Well, yeah, we are a PC gaming site and we don't deal with that mainstream nonsense in here (PC master race FTW) but this ad represents something we all feel while playing our favourite games...well at least I do. Gaming is fun even when you get stabbed, rammed or shot.

This ad best portrays how we feel on the inside. Unfortunately on the outside we get a lot of name calling, racial outbursts and rage quitting, but it's the inside that counts. Right? Right? Hello! Anyone still here?


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Posts: 1548

Sony are quite good at making good, fun ads. MS is trying to make everything look badass, hence the huge population of underage kids on XBL.

Posts: 3290

We may rage at games. But we keep playing them, because we love them. Even in our darkest moments, it's a perfect day doing what we love

Posts: 297

I'm confused.

Posts: 3290

Yeah, that was pretty cringe worthy

Posts: 1317

Woah! This is a great ad! So does this mean that the PS4 will have multiplayer of some sort? Pretty original!