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A New Meaning to "Animal Protection"

By ember23-07-2013

In the next instalment of Saints Row IV's "Hail to the Chief" series, we get to see some animal protection. Although it's not necessarily in the way you think.

The short video shows off one of the super powers you're able to obtain in the game. As you can see from the above video the stomp super power makes a big impression. If you know what I mean. I guess the Animal Protection Act gives people dressed up as animals the right to parade around stomping everyone? Professor Genki would be proud.

The first video in the series showed off telekinetic powers. That poor sap did not know what was coming.

Watch out for a couple more Hail to the Chief videos Wednesday and Friday this week. Saints Row IV comes out on August 20th in North America and August 23rd in Europe.

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