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A New Mankind, A New Adam Jensen

By zethalee23-10-2015

Following the events of Deux Ex: Human Revolution, one of the finest games of the last generation and one of my favorite games of all time, Adam Jensen has been faced with a world that no longer supports his modifications, or anyone who has been enhanced. A new world requires a new set of augmentations and enhancements, and Jensen too seems to have been given greater combat abilities.

Four new features are on show in the trailer: the Titan Shield, the modified PEPS system, an ejectable Nanoblade, and the Tesla system. The Nanoblade is fired from the wrist, and appears to pin enemies to walls; the PEPS is no longer a separate gun, which is understandable, as I'm guessing that it was almost never used by anyone in the actual game; the Tesla appears to have a multiple lock system, though there's no telling if it just knocks enemies unconscious, or if it actually kills them, and the Titan Shield, which would appear to block sustained fire by hardening skin.

For those looking for a more stealthy approach, there's not much to be found in this, or many of the Deus Ex trailers, though in an attempt to assuage those fears, I would argue that's because a stealthy approach to missions doesn't lend itself well to a trailer. Certainly, there still is the invisibility camo and also the inclusion of a mini-teleportation, giving players the ability to zip around the environment, but with the release still some months away, personally, I'm not too worried. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided releases on February 23rd, 2016.

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