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A New F2P Focused Studio From Crytek

By SavageOcto18-01-2013

Today Crytek announced their eighth studio to join their family, Crytek Istanbul. The new studio's official launch was held at the city's Çırağan Palace, with Turkey's Minister of Science, Industry, and Technology, Nihat Ergün, there for the announcement.

The new studio will support Crytek's growth into the free-to-play sector by focusing on free-to-play games, as well as the growth of the CryENGINE in Turkey and the surrounding region.

The CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, had some words to say about the new studio in home country:

"Crytek Istanbul not only opens the door to further growth, it represents reinvestment in a country that has special bonds for us as a company. We have had ambitions and aspirations to invest in Turkey for a long time and believe the moment is now right to bring those plans to fruition. From day one, we will work hard to make a positive impact in Turkey and further solidify Crytek's reputation for quality and innovation."

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@stunt SP games will never really go away. F2P isn't going to up and replace the current models. It is just an new one. the F2P model lends itself very well to online multiplayer games, but not so much to a SP game.

Even if by some horrible chance all the big companies forgo making SP games, indie developers will step in to fill the gap in the market.

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I'm really starting to wish for Crytek's demise. As good as PlanetSide 2 is (havent tried it yet) I will always give priority to SP, story driven games. Always!

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