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A Murder Most Foul

By ember13-07-2013

Airtight Games and Square Enix are working together to bring you...a murder mystery. Wait wait! It looks good! I promise! I had the chance to check it out at E3, no hands on experience but I was able to check out the trailer above. In the game you are Ronan O'Connor, a detective who is obviously now dead. You have to find clues and put different pieces of evidence together to hypothesize what happened in each scene you come across.

As I mentioned, you do need to find different clues in the game. You can possess people to get information, examine physical clues but you can not pick them up, as well as feel psychic "impressions" left behind by people. After collecting all of the information you can in an area you will be able to put it all together to see what happened. Now, you might be thinking "Oh gee, this just sounds like a point an d click adventure", but you would be wrong! When travelling through an area you have to interact with items, possess people, and defeat demon like creatures or completely avoid them.

While I do have my doubts about this game it does look promising. After watching the video, what do you think?

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Posts: 3290

I don't mind a little bit. As long as it IS only a little bit. Keep the focus on the investigamation

Posts: 237

I kind of like this. I hope that the combat wong introduce "shooting" later. And its all cool than.