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A Million Saints

By Bobfish29-08-2013

In its first week of release, Saints Row IV has already shifted a million units. We do not currently have a full breakdown of the exact split, but we can confirm the extremely satisying news that it is already selling on a 3:1 ratio, on the PC, compared to Saints Row the Third. For those who don't speak Algebra, that's an overly complicated way of saying the latest game is selling three copies for every one it's predecessor managed. I expect this, partly, is to do with the fact the game is simply better.

No disrespect to the Third, it's a great game, but Saints Row IV is just frankly better. More importantly than this, however, is how much better optimised it is. I can vouch for that personally as, though I saw no significant performance issues with the Third, Saints Row IV runs better on my rig. Despite being technically more advanced.

But enough from me, we have an official statement from the CEO of Penis...I mean, Koch Media. In the words of Klemens Kundratitz:

"We are incredibly happy of the reception for Saints Row IV as a critical and now a commercial success. The development team at Volition is second-to-none as a driving creative force in the entertainment industry and we are very proud to have them as part of the Deep Silver family."

So, basically, fuck Pierce.

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He loves it really

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Poor Pierce