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A Million People Bound for the Stars

By PeterChi08-01-2014

Chucklefish games, the developers of Starbound, have taken to Twitter to announce that sales of the early access version of Starbound have passed one-million copies. At £11.99 a pop that's a lot of wonga. They have used the above picture to express how they feel about it. I'm assuming by now it has turned into this.

Starbound has been in the Steam top-sellers list since it released on the 4th of December and deserves to be there. You play as a character who has fled their home planet and crash landed on a strange alien world. The game plays like Terrarria, but much more varied given that the universe is infinite once you get your starship running, and slightly more forgiving. Starbound is currently selling up a storm on Steam and you can get more information on what the full game will hold here.

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