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A Medal Kickstarter

By Bobfish27-05-2013

Medal Wars now has a Kickstarter. And a new name. Dropping the suffix "Keiser's Revenge" in favour of "The First One". For those unfamiliar with Medal Wars, you are missing out. I've already had the opportunity to play through the (almost entirely) finished product. It's very silly, very English and our review will be live soon so check back for more.

"After four years of hard work and my own life savings on this game the risks are alot slimmer for you! The game is currently 90% finished and I just need to make that extra push to get it done in a really great polished state."

So, really, there's no reason not to. Asking for a paltry £7000 (it's British, what what?) and offering some pretty nifty rewards ranging all the way from a digital copy of the OST, to actually appearing in game as an NPC, to a picnic basket shotgun. Check out the video above and head on over to Greenlight to thumb it up.

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