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A Live Spark

By Bobfish04-12-2013

It's her boys and girls, ladies and germs. A Project to Spark your imagination and bring a whole new generation of wannabe game makers into, uhm, making games. For those who haven't been keeping, an inspiring amount of creativity has already come out, in dips and drops, over the last year. But now, as of today, the official beta is live. Commemorated with more than an hour of video, it does come with a small caveat. At present, only users of Windows 8 can access it. A risky move by Microsot. However, a recent tech suvey has indicated that more than 15% of all Steam users now use Windows 8, when accounting for the standard and 8.1 variants as a whole.

Less relevant to us, there will also be an Xbone beta coming some time next year. Initially listed as being January, it now has the far more definitive date of "ear;ly 2014", don't you just love it when everything is Tab Clear? But the salient points here, are that Spark is sparking up, and surprisingly, Windows 8 is establishing itself as a respectable OS for PC gamers. That last part took me a bit by surprise. But what about everyone else?

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You know what it kinda' reminds me of/ The Net Yaroze. Remember that? Only with a much more user friendly interface and built in maker tools.

I see potential. A lot of potential. Just wish Micro$oft would get their heads out of their heinies and story trying to force Windows 8 so much

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As an owner of the xbox one im quite interested in Project Spark. Im curious as to how in depth the creations can actually be