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A Little Extra Creed To Shiver Yer Timbers, Yar!

By Bobfish04-03-2013

So, after the, ahem, 'early' release of the official announcement trailer t'other day, it seems Ubi decided to up their game by offering us two for the price of one. Although the second, see above, tells us very, very little about the game as a whole. It's just montage of, for lack of a better term, Eddie boy fucking shit up. Though it does show him appearing to break a bottle on a dude's face at one point, suggesting that the picking up weapons system has progressed to include less obvious items in the environment. Perhaps bludgeoning people with chairs, breaking of pieces of ship mast and the like will also be on the table...after you smash a dude through it and beat him to a pulp with the legs. Check it out my loyal Rafiq, and leave your comments below.

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