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A Liberating Makeover

By Toast09-01-2014

Just a reminder that Assassin's Creed Liberation HD is a thing, or rather a former PS Vita handheld exclusive, and it'll be coming out shortly. It's setting sale upon our PC shores next week on the 15th of January for the price of £15.99. But of course, it does have a reason to have HD stitched onto the title. Have a gander at the few, but rather spruced up screen comparisons of the original, and the more not so spruced up view of what the original non-HD version looked like.

It does look rather good. Not anywhere close to how good the “full” ones look, such as Assassins Creed IV, but I personally don’t care. If you’re a fan of the franchise, then you really shouldn’t care either. Albeit, let’s just hope it is a rather jolly ol’ good port!

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Looks vaguely cel-shaded.