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A Leakage in the Steampipe

By Toast09-01-2014

What does Valve have in their pipeline? Half-Life 3? Left 4 Dead 3? Ricochet 2? Well yeah, but they also have some interesting things being cooked up by other developers. According to screenshot leaks thanks to some helpful Steam community members on the official Steampowered forums it appears we'll be getting some intriguing new titles within the near or far future. Some of these include some possibly unknown secret projects with some rather humorous project names, others are less subtle with the likes of Killing Floor 2, Toy Soldiers: Complete (Toy Soldiers 1 + Cold War) Hitman PRO, Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate HD, Battleblock Theatre and more!

Most notable ones here are Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate HD, which had its original release on PS Vita (without the HD, of course, much like Assassins Creed: Liberation HD),Hitman PRO, well, simply because of mass confusion over the past few days. Of course, Killing Floor 2, with Tripwire known to be some of the best developers at giving out free content updates over seasonal periods to their fans. It'll be interesting to see what they have in store if Killing Floor 2 is to be announced soon. Of course, don't hold your breath on some of these leaks, as there have been leaks in the past that have proven to be no-shows so far, but there's still always is the possibility that legal things could be holding them up.


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