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A Journal Of Invention And Memories

By Fr33Lanc3r.00715-05-2013

We all know of Remember Me, the memory hacking game set in late 21st century France, by now, don't we? If not, shame on you, this is looking to be a game with some unique (and hopefully deep) ideas and concepts behind it - something I always appreciate. In the lead up to its June 5 release date, a journal chronicling the formation of the corporation Memorize, and the Sensen device it developed has been released in interactive form.

Giving us the viewpoint of Antoine Carter-Wells - hacker, chess player and Memorize Founder - from his early days dreaming of new technologies and developments, to his trialing of software to the creation of basic memory reading devices, to his drive to improve his device at all costs when his wife was seriously injured in a terrorist attack. Much like a lot of brilliant Sci-fi, the ideals slowly turn darker as Antoine's drive to complete his (and his first wife's) work strips away his sense of ethical responsibility - testing without authorisation, working with governments and militaries to allow them access to people's memories, and a campaign of enforced censorship in a world going down the drain.

I won't spoil everything - check it out, if you're interested in the game, you'll be interested in seeing this - but I am looking forward to Remember Me more and more with every new thing I read about it.


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