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A Humble Donation by EA

By acharris7709-12-2013

After the success of EA's Humble Origin Bundle, EA's Peter Moore posted a tweet congratulating the team. When EA and Origin released it back in August, they promised that all profits would go straight to charities like, the Human Rights Campaign; Watsi; the San Francisco AIDS Foundation; the American Red Cross; or the American Cancer Society. True to their word, $1.65 million was donated of the $10.5 million raised from the bundle sales to the American Cancer Society.

Though EA is keeping its word and donating the money, it would still be nice to see a full breakdown of how the funds are being distributed from the sales. Either way, it is still nice to see a big company actually keeping its word and helping the charities, as they promised. Maybe now people might think a little bit better of EA than they did.

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Doubleplus, you would never assume this about Valve. Let's not assume it about EA either, when we don't know any facts pointing one way or the other.

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Yeah they get tax breaks for donations, but does that mean they shouldn't do it or that charity isn't a good thing? Who cares whether it benefits them if they are helping people while the do it.

It's crazy reasoning to say that if you get something out of charity then it's a bad thing. People are still helped! Is that not what should matter?

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They are probably just doing it for the tax breaks. They pretty much get to mark the "value" of each game sold through the origin bundle as a donation, so while they donated $10.5 million donated, they are saving several times that in Taxes

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So, is that the total charity donation, or just that ONE charity?