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A H1Z1 Dizzy Tizzy

By Bobfish16-01-2015

H1Z1, Sony's contribution to the neverending love affair between the video game industry and zombies, has opted for the Early Access route via Steam. As of yesterday, you can now dive right in and play one of DayZ's chief competitors for the most pointless waste of time that is nevertheless heart stopping and thrilling. To commemorate the occasion, we have a swanky new trailer that sets an interesting tone given the gravity of the situation you find yourself in. But hey, if you can't laugh at having your face eaten off by flesh craving undead monsters, what can you laugh at?

Whilst the game does actually show a hell of a lot of potential for being an engaging, deeply layered survival simulator. The tone of the trailer put me far more in mind of a darkly comedic version of The Walking Dead. Kind of like that moment right at the beginning of Season 2's third episode, when Kenny banged his head on the van and almost knocked himself out, but if the entire thing was like that. The dichotomy between the two works really damn nicely actually. But don't mind me, I'm off on a pretentious ramble again. I'll be talking about ludo/narrative disson...bugger.

At present, H1Z1 comes in two pricing options. £14.99 for the base game and double that, £29.99 for those of you who can't maths, for a Premium edition that has some crates or something and the most important item of all. A hat.

What is it with Steam and fucking hats?

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