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A Grim Jigsaw

By Bobfish06-08-2013

Still not ready to call it a day, with only two weeks to go until launch, Ubisoft are pulling out everything to make Splinter Cell: Blacklist as high profile as they possibly can. So today, we bring you not only a John Kramer inspired trailer, but a behind the scenes look at the character of Anna 'Grim' Grímsdóttir, a real fan (and my personal) favourite from the series. Tough as nails redhead with a genius IQ and a killer sense of humour, 'nuff said?

The trailer reinforces the fact that this is a much grimmer (no pun intended) game than those that came before it. Showing Sam continuing in much the same frame as mind as he was during ConViction. Pulling out all the stops and doing anything it takes to complete his objective. Morality, as they say, is not for the battlefield. I only hope, as much as I like the direction the series is going, that he retains the softer side he displayed most notably in Chaos Theory. Mostly through interactions with Grim as it happened.

Speaking of which. The second video (below) shows not only some information about the character, but also the acrtess bringing her to life and some of the mind bending technology used to translate that on to our computer screens. Gone are the days of hand drawn animations and post process voice acting. Production values here are certainly as high as we have ever come to expect from Ubisoft.

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Posts: 3290

Two more weeks dude. Two more weeks.

And I already called the review ¬_¬

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holy shit, this comes out really soon :D