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A Glance Through the Mirror

By Bobfish05-07-2013

Official word from DICE has appeared on the Mirror's Edge website regarding Mirror's Edge 2. A statement from Sara Jansson to lay the debate to rest. It is going to happen. There were some rumours circulating around that the footage we saw at E3 would ultimately be the only footage we would see. Thankfully, this has now been firmly laid to rest.

"Hi, my name is Sara Jansson, and I have the honor of working as Senior Producer for Mirror's Edge.

Wow, it feels great to finally be able to type those words. Ever since we introduced the world to Mirror's Edge in 2008, we have been waiting for the right moment to bring Faith back -- and we know you have been waiting as well. We're taking Mirror's Edge to a new era of entertainment delivering unique gameplay only possible today with our newly developed Frostbite engine and the arrival of the next generation platforms. You can get a glimpse of what I'm talking about in the official Mirror's Edge E3 Teaser Trailer above.

Like so many fans I fell in love with the original Mirror's Edge. I think it's because it did things in a brave new way from the first-person parkour inspired movement in a vertical environment to the unique art direction; all of this based in at stark dystopian setting that still feels too close for comfort. But perhaps the strongest element in Mirror's Edge is its iconic heroine, Faith. In 2008, I was one of the millions of fans who connected with Faith. Today, I feel privileged to be leading the charge on a new Mirror's Edge featuring one of gaming's most inspiring and true heroines.

So there you have it. The stake is in the ground, this new game will be a first-person action adventure starring Faith and I am here to tell you that we will stay true to Mirror's Edge.

As we embark on this new adventure, I ask that you be patient as we explore the best way to make Faith's return as memorable and impactful as the original game. We are still in early stages of development and we don't want to rush anything. We want to make sure we create an experience that lives up to high expectations and fully takes advantage of the next generation of systems.

Finally, I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of our fans. Every time you have asked us about the future of Faith, we have felt your support. Without you, the new Mirror's Edge wouldn't be happening."

Following on from the earlier tidbits EA put out, this has me extremely excited. Whilst it does mean another, potentially protracted, delay before the long anticipated game finally sees the light of day. Well, we've already waited this long. We can wait a little longer. Better a long delay than something rushed and sub standard. But that's just me. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below.

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