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A Ghost Of A Release Date

By Bobfish01-05-2013

A teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts gives a release date of May 21st for...when they'll announce the release date. Sort of. Infinity Ward have already let slip they are aiming for a November 5th release window and, more importantly, they're finally porting the franchise over to a new engine. Having been using the same engine first put into effect with Call of Duty 2 in 2005, it's a wee bit long on the tooth these days, so it's about time too.

But that's not the only thing to 'slip' out recently, which has me wondering. First there was the leaked cover image which gave us an early preview of what to expect. Then there was the teaser site yesterday. Now we have a teaser trailer that's teasing an announcement that will probably be another teaser. This is all becoming overly convoluted and, well, I suppose that kinda' fits with how ludicrously silly the Call of Duty plotlines tend to be. So it wouldn't really surprise me if this was all some grand marketing scheme to keep people interested.

Though with the Masked Warriors teaser (above) being live action, we don't have anything to work with as to what the new one will do. Expect that, also, at the Xbox announcement shindig on the 21st. Speaking of the teaser, it smacks heavily of Army of 2 to me. The whole masked warrior motif thingy they're going for has me curious the direction this one will take. I mean, in Black Ops 2 you were firing rockets whilst riding a horse, so what next? Firing horses off the back of a nuke? I'd actually pay to see that. Make it happen damnit! But what do you think? Excited for yet another Call of Duty? Let us know in the comments below.

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Posts: 3290

It's probably just gonna' be a bunch more shit with Roach and Captain Beard

Posts: 53

Maybe it'll become somewhat more splinter-cell-ish or somewhat like Rainbow Six?

Posts: 596

With the change of franchise... instead of Modern Warfare 9000, it COULD signify they might finally introduce some massive changes to the franchise. However, with the limited development time I find that highly unlikely but we will see...

Posts: 223

I'm hoping it will be a more tactical TPS. They've said it's going to be a new engine and new gameplay. Ghosts leads me to think sneaky sneaky, but maybe because of Ghost Recon... We shall see at the new Xbox event

Posts: 207

I never really cared about CoD....I prefer to dig out Quake 3 or UT Gold

Posts: 351

I dont know if I care about CoD anymore, maybe this will get me back into it. Who knows.