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A Ghost of a Different Color

By Grawne18-03-2014

It seems that "Ghost Recon Online" will not be releasing for Steam and PC on April 10, as previously announced; "Ghost Recon: Phantoms," however, will be. The games rebranding heralds the end of the open beta period. According to a Q&A with Producer Corey Facteau in an Ubisoft's blog post, the change is a result of two major factors, the first being how drastically the direction of the game has changed over the course of the open beta due to player feedback, and the second being the game's new backstory.

Facteau elaborates on this by saying:
"The name change is directly linked to the new backstory and the new geopolitical context of the game...The very nature of conflicts is changing...New conflicts have a lot of gray area...The Ghosts are Special Forces serving the United States and a certain idea of order and freedom. The Phantoms are basically ex-Ghosts – a rogue faction who disagreed on the purpose of their fight, or just realized that by bringing enough money to the table they could lead their own war and push their own interests. Ghosts and Phantoms are not that different; they are feuding brothers – two sides of the same coin – and the border between the two is very thin."

With the name change comes a host of new features. Phantoms features a graphical overhaul with enhanced lighting and level design, character redesigns, and more realistic gear. The game's revamped matchmaking system accounts both for a player's skill level and equipment to ensure a fairer, funner experience. Two additional features are also currently under review: tactical insertions (the limited ability to spawn near you teammates to provide backup), and smoke grenades.

A little more about the game:
"Developed by Ubisoft Singapore, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms is a tactical, 3rd-person, team-based shooter that allows players to engage in fierce 16-player online matches. The game delivers a premium online-multiplayer-shooter experience that is downloadable and playable for free on PC and Steam. Players can choose between three classes of characters, six special devices and thousands of weapon combinations to suit their particular style of play. Players not only earn points through their individual performance but also for with their ability to support their team. Offering unique gameplay, Ghost Recon Phantoms melds the intensity of a shooter and the tactical depth of a MOBA to provide players with a one of a kind experience."

With early April bringing more Ghosts and Phantoms than we can handle, it may be time to give some old friends a call.

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