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A Game of Dwarves: Dig in Comic Style

By Bis18marck7018-10-2012

Give a Dwarf one ale and he drinks for a day, teach a dwarf how to brew ale and he drinks for a lifetime

A new game has been launched by Paradox putting the staunch Dwarf into the middle of it all. Set somewhere between Dwarf Fortress and Dwarfs?!, the game will let you dig deeper and greedily, battle monsters and ensure your underground realm flourishes. And while your add it, you might want to build yourself a throne. Just don’t melt one down from swords.

While the art style might make the one or other dwarf roar in furry, there is something peculiarly sweet about it all, and as a casual game, this might be worth a look at. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think.

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