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A Game of Dwarves Brings the Autumn Spirit

By Leigh Cobb01-11-2012

Free DLC! Now that I have your attention, free DLC! For A Game of Dwarves! The Paradox published, Dwarf management title, is bringing Autumn to the lands.

'A Game of Dwarves Autumn' is free DLC, adding the following:

"[Free] Halloween DLC – themed items for the holiday

[Free] Natural Tiles DLC – decoration pack for walls and floors"

Which isn't very much at all actually, cancel the fanfare, it's just some decorations and themed items. Still it's free, so I guess... hooray? Oh and there is also this:

"[$1] Graveyard DLC – commemorative items to honor fallen dwarves"

Seriously?! Why make that $1 and the others free. Eh, I don't know, additions to a game post launch are always appreciated, especially when free, but they aren't exactly things to get excited about.

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